Frequently Asked Questions

Press-On Nails

Popsicle Girl Press-On Nails come in 10 different sizes :

♡ Each set contains 2 of each size (total of 20 gel nails) so that you can find your perfect fit! Once you know exactly what you need simply add a note to your next order and we can send duplicates (4 x 5 gel sizes)
(See Sizing Chart for more Information)

It is easy to find your nail size by simply measuring the widest section of your nail bed (As shown here

We also offer Custom Sizing Sets 
Just select custom as your size and create a note detailing which sizes (0-9) you need! If you have any other custom size or design questions feel free to email us at

Popsicle Girl Press-On Nails come in 2 different lengths :

♡ Short (great for work, weddings, & everyday use)
♡ Long (perfect for events, vacations, & even as gifts!)

(See Style Guide for more Information)

For Custom Length Inquiries: 
email us at

Popsicle Girl Press-On Nails come in 4 different styles :

♡ Coffin
♡ Square
♡ Stiletto
♡ Round
(See our Style Guide for more Information)

For Custom Style Inquiries: 
email us at


One of the best part about using Popsicle Girl Press-On nails is that you can mix and match and re-use already worn sets!

Each press-on nail includes at least 4-5 layers of high-quality, cosmetic grade nail/gel polish which makes the nails rigid and strong, but also more pliable than traditional store bought nail packs.

Since each individual pair is hand-buffed and prepped you can expect your nails to last as long as your adventures!

We recommend using the Adhesive Tabs for Pop-n-play style nails (to switch your sets more often) 

Long-Term Application:

If you want your nails to last up to 3 weeks with one application we recommend using the nail glue liquid adhesive.

It is simple to use and only takes 5 minutes total for prep and application time.

Short-Term Application:

If you simply want to wear your nails to an event or for a single day we recommend using the nail adhesive tabs.

The clear double-sided nail tabs allow for invisible adhesion with even translucent press-ons! Simply peel, stick, and press!

Both Adhesive Options Are Avaible in our Popsicle Girl Nail Kit

For More Application Information :
Check out our Popsicle Girl Press-On Application/Removal Guide

♡ 1. Prep - Buff off the shiny layer of your natural nail and file down edges to desired length

♡ 2. Clean - Push away dead skin from the surface of your natural nail with cuticle stick and wipe away any dust and debris with alcohol wipe

♡ 3. Choose - Pick the right size press on nail for your nail bed (if it is too big or too small you will experience lifting*) and choose your desired nail adhesive (clear tab or liquid nail glue)

♡ 4. Place - Apply liquid nail glue to surface of natural nail or clear adhesive tab (make sure to avoid contact with skin as this encourage lifting)

♡ 5. Press - Push press on nail over natural nail from the cuticle area forward and hold for ~30 seconds (avoid contact with water for 30 min to set glue)

♡ 1. Soak - Allow your nails to soak in a warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes (this will help loosen the glue from your natural nail while maintaining the integrity of the press on nail for reuse)

♡ 2. Lift - Gently pry around the edges of your press on nail with cuticle stick to loosen from your natural nail

♡ 3. Remove - Once the gel nail is safely able to be removed from your natural nail, clear any remaining residue for your natural nail with cuticle stick

♡ 4. Clean - Wipe down natural nail bed and gel press on nail with an alcohol wipe (you are now ready to re-wear the same set of claws or switch up your style!)

For more detailed information on how to apply and remove your Popsicle Girl Press On's check out our Application / Removal Guide that offers a step by step video and drawing with tips and tricks to increase the longevity of your claws!


Everyone has different shaped nail beds and it is totally okay to trim or file your press-on nails!

Popsicle Girl Press-On nails are made with multiple layers of high-quality, salon-grade gel polish that allow for easy reshaping and buffing.

*However specific nail set designs which include encapsulated (designs inside of nail), important design elements, and long lengths may not be suitable for trimming. 

If you are between sizes, we recommend you choose the larger of the two and trim the difference.

If you know you are a specific size nail (e.g. size 8 for pinky) and that our pre-designed sizes (xs,s,m,l) will not work - we are more than happy to accommodate custom size requests. (Please use our Sizing Guide as a reference)

It is totally up to you! 

When applying the Popsicle Girl Press-On Nails with the liquid nail adhesive your set can last up to 3 weeks! Or you can use the nail adhesive tabs for quick, re-usable claws.

Whether you want your nails to stay on for the night or for your entire vacation we recommend proper prepping and application to ensure longevity of your set!

(For more information on putting on and taking off your press-on nails check out the Application/Removal Guide)

Have No Fear!

If one of your press-on nails pops off before it's time, you can easily buff off the old glue, prep and reapply. 

We recommend taking the adhesive tabs with you on-the-go for last minute nail emergencies. You can simply pop on a new nail tab and reapply with nail glue later at your convenience. 

You can also save the press-on nail to re-use later and mix/match your current set with a new nail from another set!


Press-On Sets:
♡ 1 Set of 20 Nails
♡ 1 Black Hair Tie
♡ 1 Nail Kit
♡ 1 Pastel Nail Display Box
♡ 1 Instruction Card

Nail Kits:
♡ 1 Mini Nail File
♡ 1 Mini Nail Buffer
♡ 1 Wooden Cuticle Stick
♡ 2 Alcohol Wipes 
♡ 1 Instruction Card
♡ 1 Sheet of Clear Adhesive Tabs
♡ 1 Mini Liquid Nail Glue

Beauty Creep Box (Subscription):
♡ 1 Set of 20 Press-On Nails
♡ 1 Black Hair Tie
♡ 1 Pastel Nail Display Box
♡ 1 Mini Nail File
♡ 1 Mini Nail Buffer
♡ 1 Wooden Cuticle Stick
♡ 2 Alcohol Wipes 
♡ 1 Instruction Card
♡ 1 Sheet of Adhesive Tabs
♡ 1 Mini Liquid Nail Glue


We love custom design requests and are happy to help you get your dream nails!

For Custom Design Quotes / PR Inquiries: 

Please email us at

We recommend it!

If you need a back-up nail kit we currently offer liquid nail glue and adhesives together so you can find which suits you best!

Our Popsicle Girl Nail Kits come with all the necessities to prep, apply, and care for your press-on set!

We ship all orders from St. Louis, MO.*Please note that custom designed sets will take an additional processing time of 2 to 3 weeks due to demand.

Delivery within the United States takes between 5-7 business days.
International Delivery is approximately 9-12 business days for standard shipping and can vary based on local services and customs clearance. Express shipping is also available at checkout. 

International Customs and import taxes: 

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. 
We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

COVID-19 Delays:
Please be aware of possible delays to your order due to the global pandemic. We will do our very best to get your new set of claws to you as quick and safely as possible!

We only accept cancellations within 24 hrs of purchase.

Any custom products CAN NOT be returned

Please be sure to order the right style and length set as we do not take any responsible if the wrong style nails are ordered. (Refer to our Sizing Guide for more information) 

If you wish to make an update to a custom order please email
within 48 hours with details of your desired updates.