• Popsicle Girl

31 Days of Halloween

Yes, I know it is only June, but who else is already excited for 2020's 31 Days of Halloween Makeup??

Halloween is a fun time to dress-up and explore your creativity! Last year I celebrated by creating a new look for each day of October. I decided to recreate some of my favorite artist's works along with many new unique pieces of my own!

All these pieces below took anywhere from an hour to six hours to complete!

It was definitely a lot of work keeping up with a month-long makeup challenge, but it was 100% worth it. I learned so much and grew technically as an artist. It also helped me realize I have a huge passion for body-painting and special effects work.

I will be launching this upcoming year's 31 Days of Halloween on my Youtube with brand-new makeup tutorials and tips/tricks for your 2020 Halloween costumes!

To check out more photos and see the inspiration behind each of these looks head over to the Popsicle Girl Instagram @popsiclegrl

Comment the looks you would like to see for this upcoming year's 31 Days of Halloween Makeup! I have a lot more resources and makeup products and really want to go even further out of my creativity comfort zone!