• Popsicle Girl

Clear Chrome Glitter Builder Gel

Yes! I am stuck inside and therefore doing my nails once again for you guys. My sister asked if I could try my hand at a new nail trend using chrome pigment on a clear set. Obviously I had to put my own twist on the trend and added glitter inlay and some various rhinestones and adornment.

I used Orly's Builder in a Bottle Kit with the forms provided in the kit to create this set. I then used a chrome pigment from Ulta (I apologize the brand logo has rubbed off) and loose glitter from China Glaze. I then topped a few nails off with loose rhinestones and a few larger orb stickers from Michael's that I re-purposed as nail accessories.

I have posted step-by-step tutorials on the @popsiclegirl TikTok page if you want to see how each nail was created! Let me know if you'd like to see more videos on the website!

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