Who Is Popsicle Girl?

Welcome to Popsicle Girl!

I am Kat White, the artist behind the brand.

I originally started my career in the beauty industry because I never saw anyone quite like myself within it.

I found it frustrating trying locate people and places who would be able to take my custom hair, makeup, and nail requests. I thought maybe if I could do it all - I can do anything I can imagine.

I realized I had the ability to provide a platform for other Beauty Creeps where originality, boldness, and personality are welcome and encouraged!

As a licensed Hair Dresser, Makeup Artist and Nail Technician I am able to access high-quality products which allow me to create completely custom, hand-made, luxury Press-On Nails.

I started the business of Popsicle Girl  to help cultivate a deep love for the eccentric, whimsical, and colorful. Reminding you that beauty is subjective and with that we find beauty in the bizarre.

Plus 5-minute nails? Total Mood Booster