Sizing Charts

How to Measure Your Nail Size

Step 1. 
Tear Off A Small Piece of Tape 
Step 2. 
Place & Press Tape On Nail Bed 
Step 3. 
Mark The Widest Area of Nail Bed on Tape 
Step 4. 
Remove Tape & Compare to a Ruler to Find Size in Millimetres 

*If You Aren't Quite Sure Which Size You Are & Don't Have A Ruler On Hand - Try Out Our Nail Sizing Kit

Nail Styles & Lengths

Popsicle Girl Press-Ons come in 5 different styles:
♡ Stiletto
♡ Coffin
♡ Almond
♡ Round
♡ Square 

We offer 2 nail lengths:
♡ Short
♡ Long

For inquiries about custom length/styles email